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Teaching childrem to LOVE reading with Fun Family Phonics

Fun Family Phonics -an exciting introduction to reading

Date: November 15 2017
Place: Langley CCRR Family Services 20577 Frazer Hwy
Time: 6.30 - 8.30 pm
Contact: Laura McInnis 604 533-4425
Fee: Ask laura

Enjoyable stories about Detective Dave Fun and his family introduce children to the names, sounds and shapes of each lower and upper case letter. Dave discovers word building of three letter words. Puppets, stories, games, actions and songs make learning to read a creative adventure.

10 hour workshop

Teaching childrem to LOVE reading with Fun Family Phonics

10 hour workshop for Teaching Children to LOVE reading with Fun Family Phonics

Date: Saturday November 18 and 25, 2017 (5 hours each Saturday)
Place: 14356 Magdalen Ave White Rock BC
Time: 9.30 - 2,30 pm
Contact: Muriel Endersby Phone: 604 535-7444 or email: muriel@funfamilyphonics.com
Fee: $90.00

This is a literacy based program. Detective 'Dave', a boy in the 'Fun Family', discovers the letter sounds and shapes by observing the world around him. .For the more advanced phonetic letter combinations Dave invents an imaginary Fair where each family group is a different play areas of the fair. (Fun Family Fair. Book 3) A song for each play area makes leaning easy and fun. The phonetic structures are included sequentially in the 20 reading books. Sentence strips go with each book so that children learn all the words in a book BEFORE they read the book. This makes for 100% success for each child. The '98 Fun Family Fair Stories Binder' contains additional stories, to practice each individual structure as it is learned. These can be photocopied for use in the classroom. Teachers will learn a creative way to teach the names,sounds and shapes of the alphabet letters. They will learn how to print the letters correctly and how to build three letter words. At this point we say that the children are "Ready to Read" Then the teachers will learn a fun and easy way to teach children to read, write and spell as well as how to use their skills in creative writing based on the books they read in the program. . Teachers can use this program in their schools and also for private tutoring. This program works very well with children whose first language is not English