Upcoming Training Workshops

Teacher Training 3-hour workshop

Training Teachers to teach children to read with fun Family Phonics

Helping children (Preschool-K) discover the names, sounds and shapes of the alphabet letters and how to build 3 letter words

Date: July 1st 2024 Register by this date and you will have until the end of July to complete the workshop. Register later in July and you will have less time.
Place: Online, in the convenience and safety of your home using VIMEO to view video
Time: Any time during the calendar month you choose. I will send you the 14 pages of notes to use as you watch the workshop.
Contact: Muriel Endersby Email: muriel@funfamilyphonics.com Phone: 604 535-7444
Fee: $30.00 if I mail you the notes. $25.00 if you have a printer and I send the notes by email for you to print

Teachers learn how to make the alphabet letters come to life for their students in a playful environment. The program begins with ear training games for children who are 2 or 3 years old. In Book 1 and Book 1A, humorous stories and pictures about “Dave Fun” and his family link the sounds and shapes of the lower and uppercase letters. Singing the alphabet songs for each book, together with actions, pictures, and games, all reinforces learning. In Book 2 Dave discovers word building three letter words through rhymes and songs. Teachers will also learn how to help children enjoy using Workbook 1 and 2. Children love this program. It is ideal for students whose first language is not English. Upon completion of the workshop all participants will receive a certificate. For teachers with ECE, their certificate will give them 3 hours towards recertification.

Parent Workshop

Teaching childrem to LOVE reading with Fun Family Phonics

Parent workshop to help improve their child's reading

Date: July 1st 2024 . You can register at any time during this month. You will have until the end of July to complete the workshop
Place: Online, in the convenience and safety of your home using VIMEO to view a video
Time: Any time until the end of July
Contact: Muriel. Endersby. Email: muriel@funfamilyphonics.com or Phone: 604 535-7444
Fee: $166.00.(Canadian) This includes the online workshop, all the listed materials, taxes and mailing costs. I prefer e-transfer using my email address or by mailing me a check.. (USA Parents please pay by check)

This workshop is for parents who wish to help their child improve their reading. Children who read well are far more likely to do well in all academic subjects. In this workshop I show parents how to teach their children the phonic structures of our language such as ch, er, oi, ow. Then the children read a story that practices using the phonetic structure. To make this an interesting and fun experience I have invented Fun Family Fair where each Phonetic play group is a different play area of the Fair. Music is a great teaching tool. I have set each play area of the fair to a sing along song. All the materials are included in the price of the workshop. In the workshop I will show you how to use those materials to make learning fun. Here are the materials that come with the workshop: 1) Fun Family Fair Book 3 . This book has a foldout picture of Fun Family Fair which you can take out of the book and use as you teach 2) CD of Sing along songs from Fun Family Fair and the words for each of the 15 songs.( if you do not have a CD player, iI will send these songs to your computer) 3) 98 Fun Family Fair Story Book (Each story contains many words to practice the phonetic structure you have just taught.) 4) Audio lesson for each of the 98 Fun Family Fair stories. This is designed to improve fluency and also pronunciation for second language learners. (I will send this to your computer) 5) Notes for the workshop. If your child has not been in a school that has used my Fun Family Phonics Book 1 to learn the sounds of the alphabet letters, I recommend that you also purchase Book1. You should read the stories to you child so that they become familiar with the characters that come again in Fun Family Fair.

10 hour workshop

Teaching childrem to LOVE reading with Fun Family Phonics

Fun Family Phonics for Early Childhood learners online. Teaching Children to LOVE reading with Fun Family Phonics

Date: July 1st 2024. If you register by this date you will have until the end of July to complete the workshop. You can register later but you will have less time.
Place: Online, in the comfort and security of your home using VIMEO to view 4 videos
Time: I will send you the workshop videos via Vimeo and also 32 pages of notes in the mail as well as other materials or I will email you the notes and you will print them
Contact: Muriel Endersby. Phone 604 535-7444. Email: muriel@funfamilyphonics.com
Fee: $100.00 if I mail you the binder of notes. $90.00 if I email you the notes and you download them and print them. 20% discount on all materials purchased within one month of the completion of this workshop

This online workshop is for children in Preschool - Grade 2 Do you enjoy teaching? Here is an exciting opportunity for you to learn how to teach children to LOVE reading, using a creative and fun based program. Fun Family Phonics Literacy program has proved to be a huge success with children of all abilities, including those whose first language is not English. You can teach the program in your school or you can become a private tutor. If you are already using the first part of this program with your students you know how much they enjoy it. If you have never used it, the 10 hour workshop will teach you the whole program and show you why children enjoy it so much. All participants will receive a certificate showing that they have completed the workshop. ECE teachers will receive a certificate giving them 10 hours towards ECE re-certification. An additional "Tutor Certificate" will be issued to those who complete the workshop and purchase the necessary materials. All participants who purchase materials within one month of completing the workshop will receive 20% off the listed price.